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  • Aug 19
    Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Divisions
Open your eyes, to realise
The matters that they disguised
In a need of fighting for
You made a fortune in these lies
When all hope is tried and failed
You refused to stand alone

I can’t believe
All these conspiracies
That we’ve been led to perceive
For all I see
That’s laid in front of me
Is everything I never want to be

I know it’s hard to imagine
Just how I’m feeling
When all emotions
That were burned are now restored
I feel like I’ve been here before
With open arms
But a locked door
And now I’m fighting
For the chance to find
What I once had before

What is a win when all you’ve
Gained is a loss
What is a man who denied himself
What is the cost
Track Name: The Depths feat. Jonny Craig
We are not forgotten
Do you remember the day?
That we drifted away
From these shores
Just to find ourselves?
Holding onto the thoughts
And pretending everything is okay

We've come so far
Beneath this sky
And beneath these stars
I wonder how we’ve come so far
When everything we used to be
Has now been washed away
Like the sand from the shore
I wonder how we’ve come so far

We will never walk alone
Even when our fears are gone
It’s not another day
Like we’re drifting away
It’s not holding onto the thoughts
That weighs us down
It’s how we think about it
That makes us drown

We are here and we are now
We are not forgotten in this crowd
We choose a path to find our fate
And carry others along the way
Track Name: The Onlooker
How can you keep walking
Through these storms and beneath these fears
That are slowly drowning you inside
When all else has been washed away
And you can’t escape these thoughts
That you have made

Onlooker, can’t you see
It’s only a matter of time

So when the skies open up
And you come back home
You will understand that you’re not alone
So take my hand and keep listening
Keep listening to me

Oh how long will these shadows
Keep following you before you begin
Begin to stop fading
Stop fading away

You may fall
You may stumble
From your wicked thoughts
Of making an exit

Don’t be afraid
You can open your eyes
These demons have no place here
Track Name: Landslide
You’re quick to throw the first stone
When another falls and fails
But would you throw your own
Understand how I feel
I’m breaking down failing
As I find it hard to deal
I’ve opened up
My eyes to see
All the wonders this world has for me
But I feel I have nothing

And I never thought that this could be
So easy, but honestly
I’m in disbelief
With desperate thoughts of escaping

I’ve tried to see through the darkness
To see the truth hiding within
I’ve tried to break down these old walls
To see this fire, The light, My life

Hiding behind these mere shadows
That follow me here
Into this point
Of a helplessness

My thoughts are escaping
I’m slowly fading
It’s not always about the fight we have
But about the ones its worth fighting for
Track Name: Shields feat. Ricky Thomas
I’ve had my turn
Avoiding blind shoulders
Take this indulgence
It’s something I should know
These crowded spaces
New and old faces
Preparing their cages
Like dogs around a bone
It makes the mirror harder to see
Live with the burden
Beneath the defeat
These rules will always be guiding me
Always be finding me

I stand on my own
Quiet I bide my time
Waiting for you all
To drag me from my throne
I gave you my all
All forgotten
Within your reach
A rhetoric sign to be left alone

(In my eyes) I feel I own this right
(In my mind) But I’m not feeling alright
This time
There’s yours and there’s mine
Our place has been divided
(In your eyes) By a subconscious line
(In your mind) That we must now intertwine
This time
I won’t compromise
I won’t be disguised
By a hand in tonight

I’ve taken chances deploring advances
What must I lament for
Somebody to leave me whole?
Take your toll
From patient to anxious
The future is letting you near

And I feel like I’m the only one
Reveling in seclusion
Savoring silence
Waiting for resolution
Track Name: Safe Haven
I never said that this would be easy
There’s more to life than meets the eye
And I don’t think
I can hold this all inside
I’ve waited here a thousand days
Just to find my way back home
And I’m holding on to see your face
Let me find my way back home

Hold me tight
And make everything alright
We’ve succumbed to visions
But now our decisions
Become a part of this
Cause I hope tonight
You’ll make everything alright
We’ve succumbed to visions
But now our decisions
Become a part of this

Cause I don’t need more
Than simple things
But it’s hard for me
When you’re looking away

I’ve found my way back home
Cause I know and I hope
That I need you, you need me
Track Name: Channeling feat. Ben Blondell
I used to have so many memories But some are now washed away And as much as I try to keep them full of colour My life is slowly fading to grey But in all I feel as though I have walked So much further than I ever have before Even in a time I was so distant and lost I was meant to be searching for a mystery I found your love I’ve seen so many Things along the way As the night comes And turns to day I’ve wondered How much longer we can all go On like this Cause I’ve been Wandering for days Just to find my way Back home again And although all I can see is darkness I know the lights in front of me
Track Name: Vices
On a darkened sky
We will drift into this night
Like nothing's left
And we’ve lost all sight
On everything
But a selfish fight
In an empty world
We will never see a glimpse
Of a perfect life
I have found
My place in time

Now the world will see
All the fears that we’ll deceive
But now we’re stranded
And lost for words
I can’t help but search for more
I have said all I can say
I have been all that I can be
But we’re still stranded
And lost for words
I can’t help but search for more

We will hold fast
To a comfort in a moment
Cause all these memories
Last forever

We have come too far
To throw it all away
Our anchors are adrift

We will turn our days into nights
So our dreams live forever
Even in the darkness
We can do this together
Track Name: Seek Solace
Is this the only way we'll see the truth 
When all your second chances have been used?
What are the words to show you,
You don't have to stand alone?
Cause our stars were never
Meant to burn forever
Unless forever meant never
Cause I know that it won't be long 
Until I fall and find the sun

I don't know if this is real
But I'm willing to bet anything
I don't know if I'm meant to feel
Like I'm falling for a tragedy oh
It might be closer then I know
To be being a dream that has carried me
Cause I don't know if this is real
But I'm falling for a tragedy oh

Am I falling for a tragedy oh
Cause you left me with nothing
Because I know for sure 
That we can fight this fight 
And we can see the light
And I know that we
Will always be here through
All the struggling 

How come I'm so far away in the distance
While everyone around me falls to pieces 
And I can't sleep without
These precious memories 
These memories 

I feel like I have taken a dive
And I've left everything behind me now
I don't want to be taken away 
If you hear me 
Let me stay
Track Name: Exposure
I need to find myself
I’m becoming someone else
Its time to stray from design
And fill empty spaces
That weigh down my mind

Don’t shut me out this time now
I’ve been lost in a hole
I’ve forgotten my soul
I have nowhere to go from here
And I sense an approaching fear
Everything in my life
Ain’t what it seems to be
No wonder why
In the mirror
It’s not me I see
These feelings come
And we’re all alone
We also long
For the ones that showed us love

I wonder how much longer
We can all go on like this
And put our heartache to rest
I wonder how
I can put my heartache to rest
Track Name: Capture
I’m lost
I’m shallow
I’m crushed
I’m hollow

Expectations amounted all on my own
Under standards I’ve made
And I’m yet to learn
I have faltered in a maze
Of misdirect
I’m heartless, resentful
With no love and no return
Moving in circles
I forgot what I once was
I forgot what I want to be
Moving in order
This stone was once a fortress
A trinket in my chest
I see a widening fire
It was selfish and narrow
Living with awareness
Once repeating
Patiently we waited
Time goes on
Save all these years in an echo
Waste them on ears
That are indisposed
Like I’m waiting for my
Body to grow older
Track Name: Chapters
O father how could
Someone feel so lost
That they could curse
Their own birth?
Is it he who's pleading
For understanding right now?
On why once his days were
Blessed and beautiful
You haven't fallen down
Just yet although you're feeling weary
You just can't see in front
Of those tired eyes
You don't stand-alone here
You don't stand-alone here
You don't stand-alone
Here you're by my side

How can we change the way we feel
When everything's
Gone and been concealed?
How can we believe
All these things were seen
With nothing left to show for now?

He tried so hard
Just to break this curse
In front of him tonight
But only time will tell
How much time he has left
Your oppressions getting strong
Hold your head high it won't be long
Just let your faith shine and overcome

When the oceans raise
And the sky falls down
Will you turn your life around?
Can you see their face falling down?
Just like a broken mirror,
Never will I see your face
Never will I see your face again